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  or MIME structure (Don Stokes) wrote:
> >The military DC-3 was the C-47 Dakota.  417 DC-3s were built before the
> >start of World War II.  After the start of hostilities, at least 194 of
> >these were pressed into military service and another 10,238 C-47s were
> >built.  I doubt any further civilian DC-3s were built since thousands of
> >C-47s became surplus after the war and were converted to airliners and
> >sold to many airlines.
> Add to that at least 2500 Lisunov Li-2s built under license in the Soviet
> Union.  Plus 487 assembled in Japan and a few in the Netherlands by Fokker,
> giving a total well in excess of 13,000.

Ron Davies has established that over 6,000 Li-2s were built (see his
"Aeroflot" book).

If memory serves, the Fokker-built aircraft were assembled from parts built in
the US, and are thus included in the US production numbers, they are not in
addition to them.

(Shameless plug: see the current issue of _Airways_ for a story I wrote on
Airkenya, one of the last airlines to operated DC-3 schedules until very
recently, with several DC-3 pictures.)

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