Re: Geared turbofans

Date:         21 Mar 98 16:31:32 
From:         "elysium" <>
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Campfire wrote in message ...
> PW put out a news release stating it was the last great
>improvement to be made with current technology(paraphrasing here, so I hope
>I got it right). Does anyone know what advantages PW expect out of this?
>I'm assuming they'll be running a bigger fan and will need to slow it down
>from the core speed, and that the bigger size is because this engine would
>be for the proposed superjumbo jets. Anyone have any info? Comments? What
>about some of their competitor's comments that this is old technology with
>no inherent advantages?

What worries me is the diameter of the fan --- surely it would be so
great as to preclude it from installation on, for instance, B737 ?

Secondly, reliability of the gearbox would be crucial, I wonder at the
sense of adding complication to the primary rotating components of the engine?
Not like it's a CSD or pump that can be disconnected without further affect ??

Sounds risky ???

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