Re: Boeing 777 Cabin Door

Date:         21 Mar 98 16:31:23 
From:         nedd <>
Organization: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
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On 13 Mar 1998, C. Marin Faure wrote:
> The 777 uses a translating door. In other words, instead of retracting
> into the cabin, pivoting, and then moving back out of the cabin like
> earlier Boeing airplanes (except the 767 which uses a door that moves
> straight up into the top of the cabin), the 777 door unplugs, moves
> straight out, and then moves to the side.  The outside of the door always
> faces out.  It is similar in operation to the door Airbus uses on some of

	I know that this in a bonehead question, but there's one thing I
don't understand about this kind of door. I know that the idea behind the
trad. retracting door is that the door serves as a kind of plug, with the
internal air pressure pressing outward against the door. How is this
achieved with the translating door you describe?