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Date:         09 Jan 98 00:51:05 
From:         Philip Morten <>
Organization: Southampton Hall of Aviation
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Andy Tomlinson wrote:
> Does anyone know of a Sir Kenelm Caley,
> Born or lived in Brompton, Yorkshire
> something to do with flight or aircraft design

You probably mean Sir George Cayley, he flew an unmanned glider at
Brompton Hall in 1809, and man-carrying gliders in 1849 and 1853.

Harald Penrose says, in the biographical appendix to his "British
Aviation - The Pioneer Years"

"CAYLEY, SIR GEORGE, Bt. 1773-1857. A giant in the history of science
and technology; inventor of the tension-spoke wheel, hot air engine, and
caterpillar tractor, and made important contributions to ballistics,
lifeboats, railway equipment, architecture, and artificial limbs.
Closely involved in rural jurisdiction, land reclamation, unemployment
relief, and the humanities in general, as well as aeronautics. He was a
Whig, devout Unitarian, and happy family man. It is fitting that
Brompton Hall, his old home, has become a school, and a prize named
after him is given to the pupil showing greatest practical skill during
the year. His descendants still live in the vicinity."

There are descriptions of his work in the main text of the book.
Descriptions of Cayley's aircraft can be found in "British Aircraft 1809
- 1914, by Peter Lewis, Putnam, 1962.

Cayley's major work on aeronautics "On Aerial Navigation" is available
on line at:

Philip Morten