Re: Boeing 777 Cabin Door

Date:         21 Mar 98 16:31:22 
From:         Julian Fitzherbert <>
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In article <>, (C. Marin Faure) writes:

> The 777 uses a translating door. In other words, instead of retracting
> into the cabin, pivoting, and then moving back out of the cabin like
> earlier Boeing airplanes (except the 767 which uses a door that moves
> straight up into the top of the cabin), the 777 door unplugs, moves
> straight out, and then moves to the side.  The outside of the door always
> faces out.  It is similar in operation to the door Airbus uses on some of
> their models.

I've seen some 777 descriptions (can't offhand remember which) that suggest
Boeing invented this type of door for the 777. Is it really that special?
The Vickers VC10 door (1962 civil now RAF tankers) unplugs by popping up
slightly and then translating out and to the side in a similar way.

> An interesting sidebar to the 777 door. It seems that failing hydraulics
> in jetways is not that uncommon of an occurance.  When it happens, the
> jetway sags down to the ground, and it can peel the door right off an
> airplane in the process.

Whether a VC10 door frame would survive this I don't know :)

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