Re: Request for help: Bristol 170 family

Date:         13 Mar 98 03:35:41 
From:         "john r." <>
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In article <airliners.1998.382@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Mats_J=F6nsson?= <> writes
>Does anyone remember the Bristol 170 Freighter (the passenger version was
>called the Wayfarer), a blunt-nosed, twin-piston-engined transport from
>the late forties? They were used well into the sixties by British Air
>Ferries (Now British World Airlines) transporting cars over the English
>I am in the process of researching a story where a Freighter figures
>prominently, which is why I would like to get in touch with anybody who
>knows whether the Freighter had a pressurised cabin or not.

Not pressurised.

>It would be especially interesting to hear from people who have crossed
>the channel in a BAF freighter, but any recollections about the creature
>comforts offered by the Bristol 170 would be helpful.

Not a lot of comforts from what I have seen of them. have been told that
you had a good view as you flew so low over the channel.

Last one in the UK crashed on t/off from Enstone in Oxfordshire last
year, very luckily it did not burn and there were no fatalities.
There are two left in western Canada,  think. One may even be still

john r.