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Date:         09 Jan 98 00:51:04 
From:         Kees de LezenneCoulander <>
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"Andy Tomlinson" <> wrote:
>Does anyone know of a Sir Kenelm Caley,
>Born or lived in Brompton, Yorkshire
>something to do with flight or aircraft design

Taken literally, No. But you might just mean Sir George Cayley
(1773-1857), a well-known British aviation pioneer who lived at Brompton
Hall, near Scarborough, Yorkshire. He experimented with unmanned gliders
in the first half of the 19th century. In 1853 he persuaded his coachman
to make the first known manned gliding flight, which covered a distance
of some 500 yards. Legend has it that the coachman resigned immediately

Look in any serious book on aviation history if you want more details.

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