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Date:         13 Mar 98 03:35:24 
From: (Don Stokes)
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In article <airliners.1998.392@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> wrote:
>>Also, how do these numbers compare to some not-so-modern aircraft? I know
>>Douglas made something like 12,000 DC-3s, but most of these went to the
>>armed forces, though many returned to airline service.
>The military DC-3 was the C-47 Dakota.  417 DC-3s were built before the
>start of World War II.  After the start of hostilities, at least 194 of
>these were pressed into military service and another 10,238 C-47s were
>built.  I doubt any further civilian DC-3s were built since thousands of
>C-47s became surplus after the war and were converted to airliners and
>sold to many airlines.

Add to that at least 2500 Lisunov Li-2s built under license in the Soviet
Union.  Plus 487 assembled in Japan and a few in the Netherlands by Fokker,
giving a total well in excess of 13,000.

>   Douglas
>      DC-4		 140  (61 pre-war, 79 post-war, excludes C-54s)

Of course quite a lot of post-war airlines got underway with war surplus

IIRC, Fokker sold something like 800 F-27s.  I think that's a better record
than the Saab 340's.  (And the F-27 is a bigger plane.)

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