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Date:         13 Mar 98 03:35:22 
From:         STEFANO PAGIOLA <>
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Evan McElravy <> wrote:
> What are the best selling commercial airliners? Based on a
> few random facts and a lot of guess work, I'd guess they
> come out something like this:
>   1. Boeing 737
>   2. McDonnell-Douglas DC-9/MD-80/MD-90/Boeing 717-200
>   3. Boeing 727
>   4. Boeing 747
>   5. Airbus A320/A319/A321
> After that, I have no idea where to go. 707? A300? DC-10?

Well, in terms of number built to date (as opposed to number ordered)
the top-10 ranking among jets goes:
(1) 737 at about 3,000
(2) DC-9/MD-80/MD-90 at about 2,200
(3) 727 at 1,832
(4) 747 at about 1,140
(5) 707/720 at about 1,000
(6) and (7) A319/A320/A321 and 757 roughly equal at about 800
(8) and (9) A300/A310 and 767 roughly equal at about 700
(10) DC-10/MD-11 at about 610

The ties should soon be broken, with the A320 series pulling ahead of
the 757 and the 767 pulling ahead of the A300/A310. No other changes in
rankings are likely anytime soon.

Eventually, the A320 series will overtake the 707 and 747, and may pass
the 727 total (they have about 1,500 orders to date). Given enough time,
they may overtake the DC-9 series as well, although that depends on
Boeing's success with the 717. I doubt they'll ever catch up to the
737's phenomenal total (which continues growing). The 757 and 767 will
probably eventually pass the 707 total. If Boeing puts some serious
marketing muscle behind the MD-11, the DC-10/MD-11 may pass the
A300/A310 total (which is very unlikely to grow by much from current
numbers). The 777 and A330/A340 are so new that it will take them a long
time to have a hope of making the top 10, although I expect that both
will eventually figure, displacing the DC-10/MD-11 and A300/A310.

I suppose we could organize a pool ;-)

Stefano Pagiola
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