Re: A300 Crashes in Asia

Date:         13 Mar 98 03:35:08 
From: (James Matthew Weber)
Organization: GoodNet
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On 03 Mar 98 03:12:57 , "dennisvv" <> wrote:
>Anyone care to comment on recent "wave" of aircrashes among Asian air
>carriers recently:
>a) Could cost-cutting measures, arising from the current Asian currency
>crisis, be a culprit?

Probably not

>b) Or are there actual mechanical/structural flaws in the A300 that hasn't
>been made public knowledge yet?

A300 autopilot is a little funny, and it was implicated in at least
one crash, however the A300 that went down belonged to CAL, and CAL
has acquired a very long reputation for very poor cockpit procedures.
This is the 5th widebody they have lost in the past decase, and
frankly, none of them should have been wrecked.

A number of airlines don't allow their employees to travel on CAL.

>c) Whatever became of the investigations surrounding the recent Silk Air,
>Garuda, and CAL A300 crashes?

There are some things about the Silk Air crash that don't make a lot
of sense. The big one is why the CVR and FDR stopped several minutes
before the crash. This suggestes they were turned off, or the aircraft
suffered some very very strange failure.

Garuda also has long standing reputation for poor maintenance. At
Garuda, nothing is ever fixed unless it is truly inoperative. An
engine that delivers only 50% of rated performance, they probably keep
flying with.