Re: Pilot Training at Obscure Airports (was: Southwest Airlines 737-700)

Date:         13 Mar 98 03:35:06 
From: (Jock)
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  or MIME structure (Tom Benedict) wrote:

>> When I visited Legoland back in 1990, I was a bit surprised to see a
>> shiny new Lufthansa 747-400 take off from the adjacent airport at
>> Billup, Denmark. Seemed like an odd place to offer intercontinental
>> service. Then I saw it take off again about 15 minutes later. And
>> again, and again...
>And if you visited Moses Lake, in Washington, USA, you could see JAL 747s
>doing the same thing. I don't know whether they still have a presence
>there, but back in the 70's and 80's MWH was a major crew training
>location for JAL. The 747 they used was very old and in very poor shape. I
>worked for a regional ariline that serviced MWH and we handled frequent
>AOG shipments from Boeing to JAL@MWH.

Yes Tom....JAL still do their initial FO training for the 747
classic at Moses Lake.

JAL still like to use the real thing for pilot training! (They
also use category 5 simulators)

The 747's maybe old but I can assure you they are in *good*
shape.  JAL's maintenance philosophy is to change everything when
there is a problem.  Price isn't the main concern.

The airframe (and systems) are under increased workload during
touch and go's.  With their maintenance philosophy in mind, the
frequent AOG parts requests is understandable.

JAL just rotate a regular online 747 into the training.  Most of
the time these aircraft arrive at destination airports with *no*
unserviceabilities at all.

PS   I've heard that JAL's 747-400 fleet has maintenance costs
higher than they would like?