Re: Southwest Airlines 737-700

Date:         13 Mar 98 03:35:03 
From:         STEFANO PAGIOLA <>
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  or MIME structure (C. Marin Faure) wrote:
> As far as your "new airplane" statement goes, an airplane
> IS the wing. The fuselage is just a tube to keep the wind
> out of the passenger's faces, although the finance
> department of an airline tends to view it a bit differently.
> Putting an all-new wing and tail surfaces on an existing
> fuselage creates an all-new airplane as far as its
> aerodynamics and efficiency is concerned.  The new wing on
> the 737 fuselage has created an airplane that flies faster
> and higher than the previous model while burning less fuel.

You realize, of course, that your employer just devoted a great deal of
effort to arguing precisely the opposite definition of what constitutes
a new plane with the US and European certification authorities?

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