Re: 727 @ ORD; hard landing.

Date:         03 Mar 98 03:13:11 
From:         k_ish <>
Organization: Netcom
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toad wrote:
> >In any case, you know it will scrapped after this....
> Is it common to scrap planes after incidenses like this?  Is there
> anything that can be salvaged?

Lots of stuff is salvaged.  Avionics, doors, any undamaged flight
control surfaces, lavs, galleys, seats, cabin furnishings, hydraulic
parts, etc., etc.  Once the aircraft is a empty metal tube, it's off to
the smelter.

Whether or not an aircraft is scrapped is very analogous to whether your
car is totalled by the insurance company after an accident.  Obviously,
severe damage will send any aircraft (or car) to the scrap heap.  More
minor damage, and the value of the asset is important.  $7000 damage to
a brand new Mercedes will get repaired, but not $7000 to a '85 Honda.
Since the 727 in question was long ago paid for and was just "gravy" to
the airline, it's not worth repairing.  (In fact, many aircraft of this
vintage are such fuel hogs that they are worth more as a source of spare

Ken Ishiguro