Re: 727 @ ORD; hard landing.

Date:         03 Mar 98 03:13:10 
From: (Chris Dahler)
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>>In any case, you know it will scrapped after this....
>Is it common to scrap planes after incidenses like this?  Is there anything
>that can be salvaged?

It all depends on the level of damage.  Just like in an auto accident,
if the cost of repairing the aircraft is greater than the cost of
replacing it, it will be scrapped.  In the case of an aircraft, some
other variables come into play.  For example, the value of that 727 is
probably only a couple million or so.  The damamge to it far exceeds
that amount.  However, the cost of replacing it with a comparative
aircraft like the 737-700 (30+ mil) or upgrading to a 757 (60 mil), may
dictate that the aircraft be repaired.

When aircraft are scrapped, all the useful parts are stripped and either
used for replacements on other aircraft in that airline's fleet or sold
to other airlines or parts suppliers.  In any case, it isn't just sent
to the junkyard.