Boeing 777 Cabin Door

Date:         03 Mar 98 03:13:06 
From:         "Ted Perez" <>
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Best greetings to all!  :-)

It's been a while since i have last read anything from this wonderful
newsgroup.  Finally, i am able once again to participate, with all of
your approval.

Lately, my flight attendant wife asked me a question, "Can you show me a
picture of the Boeing 777 cabin door, and how it works?"  Well, i've
scoured the Internet, and... nothing.  Well, actually someone named
Andrew sent me a scanned imaged from some training material, but it
wasn't an actual photo of the door from an aircraft in scheduled

Can anyone here help me out?  Links... anything... will be of help for

Thanks for giving this trivial matter your valuable time and attention.


Ted Perez

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