Re: B757/B767/B777 Stearing system?

Date:         03 Mar 98 03:13:03 
From: (Benoit)
Organization: Grolier Interactive Europe
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>Matt Lehde asked on 26th Jan. if the A320 that crashed in 1988
>was a prototype. The answer is that it was a production model
>operated by Air France. It was hired to the organisers of the
>Habsheim airshow to do two fly-pasts. To further recoup their
>costs Air France made it into a revenue flight, with a full
>load of passengers embarking at Basle for a Sunday afternoon
>joy-ride around Mont Blanc (after executing the fly-pasts).

In reality, there were 4 prototypes of the A340
Now aircraft N°
001 : still test aircraft
002 : Virgin atlantic
003 : Vorgin atlantic
004 : Royal saoudia family (HZ-125)
the fire at CDG was an AFR aircraft

there were 3 protoypes of A330
one crashed (f-wwkh). It was destinated to Thaï
the first two are stored in germany like 2 A321 ones

The A320 in 86 was an Air France Plane with AFR crew not Airbus !
The first protoype still be a test airplane like 2 A319.

A300-600 prototype was sold to Novespace to be a ZERO G Aiplane

A310 is now a cargo in fedex fleet

A300B protype is stored at Le Bourget museum