Date:         03 Mar 98 03:13:00 
From:         "Edward Lee" <>
Organization: IBM.NET
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> 1) Does anybody know if the glideslope at TPE was active at the time of
> the crash or whether it was NOTAMed out of service, as in the case of
> the KAL 747-300 crash in Guam several months ago.
> 2) Wouldnt the cockpit GPWS horn have sounded and warned the pilots to
> pull up? I presume the A-300 is equipped with it.
> 3) Is the CVR transcript online somewhere
> This almost certainly looks like yet avoidable another CFIT tragedy

The glideslope signal for ILS 05L at TPE was active and the surface weather
was VIS 1000 meter SCT 100 feet BKN 200feet according to news release
from CAA.

>From other news sources here in Taiwan, the CVR and DFDR reports were
just read out in Austraulia and were sent to Taiwan today. The authority
has not yet release those reports to the media.

Looks like it was another CFIT, but still unknow if it's possible to get
out of the high pitch, high power and very high rate of climb on that