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Date:         03 Mar 98 03:12:53 
From:         Evan McElravy <>
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What are the best selling commercial airliners? Based on a few random facts
and a lot of guess work, I'd guess they come out something like this:
  1. Boeing 737
  2. McDonnell-Douglas DC-9/MD-80/MD-90/Boeing 717-200
  3. Boeing 727
  4. Boeing 747
  5. Airbus A320/A319/A321

After that, I have no idea where to go. 707? A300? DC-10? This includes
regional aircraft, too (Saab 340 is No.1 in that category, I think, followed
by either the ATR or Dash-8).

Also, how do these numbers compare to some not-so-modern aircraft? I know
Douglas made something like 12,000 DC-3s, but most of these went to the
armed forces, though many returned to airline service.

Evan McElravy