Re: Flying High ?

Date:         03 Mar 98 03:12:47 
From: (Larry Stone)
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In article <airliners.1998.362@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Paul Hathaway
<Paul_Hathaway@ML.Com> wrote:

>Simplest way to think of it is that the time used to attain cruise
>altitudes is short in relation to the time spent en route at the fuel
>efficient altitudes.  The 'extra fuel" used to get to 35,000 feet is
>small compared to the fuel saved by cruising there for 4,5, or 6 hours.

And for really efficient planes, you don't even need to be up there that
long. I have numerous times flown SFO-SNA in a 757 at 41,000 feet. Total
flight time is in the 1:00 to 1:05 range.

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