Re: MD90/Boeing 717

Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:49 
From:         Colleen M Wabiszewski <>
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>The 717-200 (nee MD-95) as presently configured, has the same cockpit
>as the next gen 737s. This is a 5 across, 1 under, flat panel display
>system designed by Honeywell. The 767s have the same size displays,
>but they are older CRT displays, manufactured by Collins.

Hate to nitpick, but...  The 717-200 does NOT have the same cockpit as
the next generation 737s.  The instrument panel configuration is six
across, the two most outboard displays being slight lower on the panel
than the center four.  The rest of the cockpit is a blend of existing
MD-11, MD-90, and DC-9 technology, as well as some new developments.

Commonality with the 737NG cockpit is being investigated, but no
decision has been made.  Redesign and recertification of the cockpit is
certainly a possibility, but would be a major undertaking in terms of
both cost and schedule impacts, and would likely not take place until
after AirTran has taken delivery of their aircraft.