Re: Cockpit Windows

Date:         09 Jan 98 00:50:57 
From:         "Marv Woolard" <>
Organization: Flashnet Communications,
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Seth Heckard <> wrote in article <airliners.1998.10@ohare.Chicago.COM>...
> Pardon me if this is a stupid question, but why do older planes (such as
> a Boeing 707, 727, or 737, and a DC-8 or -9 and MD-80) have an extra
> cockpit window (or two) on top of the main row of cockpit windows?  And
> why do newer, but similarly sized planes such as the A320 family and the
> 757 have just one row of cockpit windows?

I, for one, don't think it's a stupid question; but here are my "WAG"s:
   (1) very few pilots were actually using the "eyebrow" windows
       to scan for traffic
   (2) visibiltiy out of the forward and side windows was deemed
       adequate and the added expense of additional windows was
       not justifiable

I still find myself staring into the overhead when scanning for traffic
in a 30 degree bank; I usually lean forward to get a better picture
instead now.  After a while I'm sure I won't miss the eyebrow windows.

I really like TCAS but personally I think we often really on it too
heavily for some environments where "see and avoid" is still called
for... so this may be a third element in eliminating these "extra
windows"; ie TCAS provides another window to them.