Re: The Rumble of Thunder in the Sky, 1HP per LB

Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:46 
From: (Agtabby)
Organization: AOL
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Thank you for an interesting post.  I had never heard of the 36 cylinder

The highest power ratings I had heard for the mentioned engines was 3800 for
the 4360, and 3700 for the 3350.  The R3350 is used in the highly modified F8F
Bearcat racer "Rare Bear" is rumored to to have 5000 hp, and it is the piston
engine record holder, at 528 mph.

Aircraft engines were hitting limits at 4000 hp.  If you make displacement per
cylinder too big, you lose hp/weight.  You can make many cylinders, but this
adds complexity, and increases chances of failure.

I assume that modern jet engines have many less mtbf, I would like to see the
stats.   I would think the old radials were 10 or 100X worse.