Re: Development of MD-11?

Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:34 
From:         "Thomas A. Beckley" <>
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>> What about UPS now flying passengers?  What aircraft are they using for
>> those charter flights I've heard they're operating on the weekends (And I
>> even saw a UPS check in counter when I was in Tampa, FL last year for the
>> Fourth of July ...).
>The 7 UPS ships are 727-100 QC aircraft, former passenger aircraft.  Seats
>and overheads are palletized for "easy" installation/removal.

Thanks for the info ... the next question I have is why are they using some
of the oldest aircraft they have for this?  Are there any plans to do the
same with their more modern 757's and 767's?  I imagine it would be much
more difficult since those planes don't have windows I believe (they were
purpose built freighters ...) ... I can't imagine people wanting to fly
without windows ...