Re: KC-135 minutiae (was: MD-95-30 becomes 717-200 "Regional Jet")

Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:32 
From:         k_ish <>
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David Tyler wrote:
> westin* (Stephen H. Westin) writes:
> > Under another modification program, all Air Force Reserve and Air
> > National Guard tankers were re-engined with TF-33-PW-102 engines.
> > The re-engined tanker, designated the KC-135E, is 14 percent more fuel
> > efficient than the KC-135A and can carry 20 percent more fuel.
> >So I guess the answer is "yes". I suspect that the "TF-33-PW-102" is
> >military terminology for some fairly familiar airliner engine; perhaps
> >the turbofan engine from a later 707.
> it's my understanding that usaf bought up a slew of old boneyard 707s
> just to get those engines.

In 1993 I was in Tucson, and took a drive around Davis-Monthan AFB (for
those who might not know, it is where US military aircraft are sent for
long term storage, cannibalization, or scrap).  There were probably 50
ex commercial airline 707's of various types being cannibalized for
parts.  IIRC, the vertical tails were being removed.

Ken Ishiguro