Re: Older Aircraft

Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:31 
From: (Kevin J. Bogart)
Organization: Asahi Net
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> If you look at cargo operators -- regular service, though perhaps
> not what you had in mind -- you'll find some older equipment.  FedEx
> has a few 727-100s from 1964, and Kalitta American International
> Airways has a DC-8-51C dating from 1962, leased to a subsidiary but
> apparently in service.
> If you don't limit yourself to jets, Reeve Aleutian still operates
> three Lockheed L-188 Electras in scheduled passenger service, two of
> which date from 1959.  You can probably still find some Convair 580s
> in odd corners of the country, and there are even DC-3s which are in
> regular service of sorts.  (Is Vintage Airlines still flying them in
> South Florida?)

There are still DC-3s flying cargo routes out of the US Virgin Islands for
Four Star Aviation-- STT-SJU and STT-MIA I think. They are unquestionably
beautiful planes -- after a coupla AA 757s whine overhead, it's quite a
sight. There is a smallish hill at the end of the runway (an EA jet
slammed into it in the late 70s I think) -- if you are on the other side
of it watching the flights go over, watching the DC-3s pass over the hill
on a slow climb is as close to a small time machine as you can get,
especially with the retro Four Star markings.

It's actually been a coupla years since I've been down to STT, so Four
Star may have acquired new equipment by now.


Kevin J. Bogart
College of the University of Chicago, AB '97
JET ALT, Ehime-ken, Japan