Re: Flying High ?

Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:29 
From: (Michael Navarra,jr.)
Organization: Prodigy Services Company  1-800-PRODIGY
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I may be wrong, so anybody else reading this please let us know.  However,
 I believe the reasons for higher altitude flight are several fold.
First there is the concern of noise. The farther the distance from the
ground the less amount of sound will reach the ground. Next is basic
science or physics. If one knows about air fuel mixture principles, like
in automotive applications where carborators & fuel injection systems
attempt to maintain a 14:1 ratio of air to fuel at ground level. Then it
might stand to reason that at higher altitudes where the air is
thinner(less dense), that less fuel may be required to maintain proper
air fuel ratios. Then there is also the issue of wind resistance. Again,
at higher levels from the ground the air is thinner, giving less
friction(resistance) to the air surfaces(including wings) of the entire
aircraft. This would also cause the need for less fuel and allow further
distances and speeds than at closer to earth heights.  Thanks for