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Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:28 
From: (RobertS975)
Organization: AOL
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>        Can somebody please explain to me why planes (jet aircraft) fly
>at very high altitudes on long range flights, and how does this conserve
>fuel and get maximum distance ? How does this conserve fuel and save
>time if you can only go half the speed you normally can go at low
>altitude and you have to use twice the amount of power to get too half
>the power you get at lower altitudes ?

Some of your premises in your question are wrong.  Fuel consumption in
jet aircraft is far lower at altitude mainly because the air resistence
is so much lower at higher altitudes.  Because of the thinner air, the
indicated airspeed will be lower, but the true airspeed corrected for
the less dense air and colder temps will be higher.   Jet engines are
notorious fuel hogs at lower altitudes.  Hope this answers your