Re: TWA 800 question: fuel flow problem

Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:19 
From:         Pete Finlay <>
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In article <airliners.1998.306@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Matthew Lehde
<> writes
>On the 747-400 with the automated fuel system during take-off each
>engine draws off its own wing tank, and after flap retraction draws all
>fuel from the CenterWT.  After the CWT is empty it feeds from the Main
>2 & 3 tanks... Main 1 is between Engine 1 & 2, main 2  between Eng 2 and
>the CWT, main 3 is between the CWT and Eng 3, main 4 is between Eng 3 &
>4.  Small reserve tanks are outboard of Eng 1 & 4.  After 2 & 3 are down
>to the same level as 1 & 4 each Eng feeds from its own tank.
>Of course on a 747-100 the fuel distribution is controlled by the flight
>engineer, but I think on take-off and landing it's standard the for the Engs
>to feed off their own tanks.

On the -100 and -200, for take-off and landing, the No1 and No4
crossfeed valves are open, the No2 and No3 are shut. So, the inboard
engines are on tank-to-engine feed, and the No1 and No4 tanks feed both
the No1 and No4 engines from a common manifold.

Pete Finlay
Boeing 747 Senior Flight Engineer
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