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Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:08 
From: (Niels Sampath)
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In article <airliners.1998.292@ohare.Chicago.COM>
  "David Lednicer" writes:
>I believe that all the 707s and KC-135s that started out with the short
>vertical tail were modified to have the taller vertical tail early in
>their lifetimes.  I still haven't figured out which 707s did and didn't
>have the ventral fin.  There appears to also have been two different
>size ventral fins.

Yes, there were 2 ventral fin sizes.

Here is a rundown I typed out previously of those a/c -with ventral fins-
(tho some fins may have been added/removed later!)
...original customers:
(from George Cearley Jr's `Boeing 707 +720' book)

note: `B' = fan engine

1) TALL vertical stab(tail), HF antenna present, LARGE ventral fin:

TWA 707-131 -331 -331B
Continental 707-124
Western 707-139
Pan Am 707-321, -321B
Sabena 707-329
Air France 707-328, -328B
SAA   708-344
Lufthansa 707-430
Air India 707-437
BOAC 707-436
VARIG 707-441
El Al 707-458
Cunard Eagle 707-465

2) TALL vertical stab(tail), HF antennae present,  SMALL ventral fin

Pan Am 707-121B
American 707-123B
QANTAS 707-138B
Aer Lingus 720-048
Braniff 720-027
Eastern 720-025
Pacific Northern 720-062
Western 720-047B
Lufthansa   720-030B
Northwest 720-051B
TWA 720-051B
AVIANCA 720-059B
Pakistan 720-040B
Saudi  720-068B
El Al 720-058B
Continental 720-024B
Ethiopian 720-060B

(note QANTAS -138B is the shortest production 707 (shorter than 720).
The -138 had the same overall length as a KC-135  but with a longer
forward fuselage, and shorter rear fuselage)

3) Tall vertical stab(tail), NO HF antenna,  small ventral fin

TWA  707-131B (except 2 a/c during 1967)
United 720-022
American 720-023, -023B
Capital 720-022 (flew in United livery, leased from them prior to merger)

there are -3- more categories of 707s/720s  WITHOUT ventral fins....!

i.e. those with a short tail AND HF antenna
     those with a tall  tail AND HF antenna
 and those with a short tail and NO HF antenna (only some United 720-022s)

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