Re: 707 : How did it get its name ?

Date:         09 Jan 98 00:50:53 
From:         Mike Garrison <>
Organization: Boeing Noise Engineering
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Brian Clouse wrote:
> >From "Boeing Jetliners" by Guy NOrris and Mark Wagner, 1996, Motorbooks
> Intl:
> "The company chose the opportunity to launch the 700-series of products,
> the -500 being reserved for gas turbines and the -600 for missiles ...

> The book didn't say so, but model numbers ending in 7 had already been a
> Boeing tradition since the late '30's (297, 377, B-17, B-47, KC-97).

I don't think you could call this a tradition. The Pentagon (not Boeing)
is responsible for the B-17, B-47, and KC-97 designations. Those planes
also had internal Boeing model numbers. I'm not certain, but I think the
B-17 was 219 or 215.

Anyway, I don't think there was any such tradition. The Model 80 and the
Clippers (which I think were 315s) would argue against this.

Also, are you thinking of the 247 when you said 297?