Re: Nigeria airways

Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:06 
From:         "Dennis Pettigrew" <>
Organization: LavaNet, Inc.
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Jim Wolper wrote in message ...
>Marc Schaeffer wrote:
>> You're going to have to believe me on this one. I flew on the Nigerian
>> Airways flight from Lagos to London on the A310. On takeoff from Lagos,
>> fire spewed from the left engine. We climbed to about 2,000 feet, then
>> promplty landed in Lagos again. I went to the cockpit, where the pilot
>> informed me that since we had a VIP on our flight that had to be in
>> London soon, we had to takeoff without the engine. So, we did.
>Nonsense.  A non-centerline-thrust twin engine airplane can't maintain
>heading with one engine idle and the other producing takeoff thrust
>below a known speed called V_{mcg}.

I flew in Nigeria so I know the philosophy they maintain regarding VIPs - I
know it sounds outlandish but it might have been attempted.  With regard to
the physical possibility - I've done it in a B-737 simulator before & we all
know that is just a bundle of mathematical formulas supposedly accurately
representing an aircraft.  All you have to do is add power on the operating
engine proportianally so as to maintain control with nose wheel steering
then when the rudder becomes a factor you can continue to add power until V
mcg - all you need is runway (Idid it in the Sim on a 10,000' rwy with room
to spare).  I know it sounds crazy - but it is possible both from the
physical and unfortunately cultural viewpoint.


Dennis Pettigrew (just a pilot)