Re: 747 with engines on the wings?

Date:         19 Feb 98 01:34:01 
From: (Neil Trotter)
Organization: Planet Nook
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In article <airliners.1998.269@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Lion's Pers Agentschap said:
>  What is the reason that airliners have engines under the wing instead
> of on it?

At a guess, to keep C of G low, thereby improving overall stability.
Ease of service might be another reason.

Furthermore, since most moise emanates from the BACK, and some from the
front of a jet engine, it seems to me that the same effect could be
achieved by flying the beasts 20ft higher.

Since I am *not* an engineer, I would be grateful if one would jump in
at this point and validate.

> (If you want to see how a Boeing 747-400EOW (engine on wing) looks
> like, visit:

Scary!  But interesting.

-- Neil.

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