Re: Orders for Airliners in 1997

Date:         11 Feb 98 04:26:44 
From: (Benoît)
Organization: Grolier Interactive Europe
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On 26 Jan 98 01:46:12 , Marc Hookerman <> wrote:

>In article <airliners.1998.203@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
>	kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:
>>>ATR is a division of Airbus.
>>Wrong.  ATR (Avions de Transport Regional) was a 50-50 partnership
>>between Aerospatiale (France) and Alenia/Finmeccanica (Italy).  Aero-
>>spatiale also happens to be a major partner in Airbus, but that indirect
>>connection is the only business tie between Airbus and ATR.
>And what is different from what I said.  ATR was a 50-50 partnership
>with Aerospatiale which is a major partner with Airbus.  And how did
>that not make ATR a part of Airbus Industrie?

Wrong, the company, Groupement d'Intérêts Economiques (GIE) ATR, does
not yet exist. All ATR activities was taken by AIR (Aero Regional
International) SA which was womposed by ATR activities and Avro ones.

There is no interest and no direct link between AIR and Airbus.