Re: MD95-->717-200/ 707s, turbofans & stabs.

Date:         11 Feb 98 04:26:37 
From:         "Matthew Lehde" <>
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Niels Sampath wrote in message ...
>In article <airliners.1998.192@ohare.Chicago.COM>
>  "Don Stokes" writes:

>>I don't recall a change to the horizontal stabiliser on the 707 --
>>what was it (and why)?
> Yes,  when the change was made from `turbo' to fan jets
> they got new stabs. Includes retrofits-> not sure exactly
> `why'. May have just been a useful aerodynamic modification
> based on on-going research that needed major downtime to
> install (i.e. during re-engining)  as much as due to the
> change in engines.

Were these new stabs bigger?  Maybe the turbofans were heavier and the
weight of a heavier horizontal stab. aft of the CG would re-balance the
airframe.  Or vice versa. Just brainstorming... You guys know waaaaay more
than me about 707s.  :)
matt lehde, 747 assembler
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