Re: Rate of climb and descent

Date:         11 Feb 98 04:26:28 
From:         k_ish <>
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Stephan Stephany LAC-CC wrote:
> I wonder what would be typical rates of climb and descent for airliners.
> I suppose standard procedures provide for low figures in order to try to
> make the ride as smooth as possible for the passengers.

The standard glide slope angle to the runway is 3 degrees.  Of course,
it may be steeper due to terrain, etc.  With initial approach speeds of
250 knots, some simple trig and unit conversion will give you the rate
of descent.

The desirable initial descent from cruise is as steep and rapid as
possible (within passenger comfort, ATC, and pressurization controller
limitations).  The idea is to keep the aircraft at higher, fuel
efficient altitudes as long as possible.  Also, it is an instinct of all
pilots to avoid "low energy" approaches (long and flat).  This goes back
to basic flight training, where you should always be in an approach
configuration where you can glide to the runway if the engine quits (not
as big an issue in airliners).

Ken Ishiguro