Re: 747-100 vs. -200

Date:         09 Jan 98 00:50:49 
From:         Marc Hookerman <>
Organization: Netcom
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In article <airliners.1998.1@ohare.Chicago.COM>, David Lednicer <> wrote:
>I think I have figured out a way to tell a 747-100 from a -200 (short
>of looking at the mfg. plate), but I am curious if anyone can punch a
>hole in this.
>	Since then, I have noticed that full-length 747s have both pylons.
>Late model -300s and -400s (at least P&W powered ones) have the later
>747SP pylon.  Earlier -100/-200s seem to have both pylons.  My guess is
>that the -100s are the ones with the earlier pylons, while -200s have
>the later pylons.  Can anyone confirm this?

Well when Boeing first produced the 747-100, its upper level only had
three windows, while as years went airlines had the option to expand
this to the amount of windows on the 200 series.  The -200 series also
introduced the first General Electric powered 747's also.  Many -100's
have HF antennas on the wing tips also.  Many people confuse these with
fuel dump chutes.