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Date:         11 Feb 98 04:24:10 
From: (Neil Kirby)
Organization: AT&T
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[rear facing seats ]

The America West team plane for the Phoenix Suns (a 737) has a set of back
facing seats with a table between them and the next row.

a) On that plane, in those seats, leg room is *not* an issue.  I've been in
    gods-only-know how many 737 and nearly all of them have little leg room
    in Y class seating.

b) The seats are halfway back, so half of coach gets to stare at anything
    you do.  For some people that's not a problem.  My wife told me that it
    felt peculiar to be nursing our son with such a large audience.  Once
    that was done, the space available was an absolute godsend for
    traveling with a little person.  (While we are on safety, all of you
    parents out there: buy then a ticket, and belt their car seat into it.
    The car seat means "long trip, take nap" and lap means "we get to play,
    even though I should sleep!"  Flight crews refer to babies in laps as
    "projectiles" in crashes. If you have sufficient cash for air travel,
    you ought to have enough to pay the extra seat.  End soap box lecture,

c) Some people, myself one of them, dislike rear facing while traveling.  I
    find it discomforting, and nauseating on very long trips.  Planes are
    not so bad, but trains or worse yet cars and buses with rear facing
    seats bother me.  It was fine as a kid, but it's a problem now.

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