Re: Southwest Airlines 737-700

Date:         11 Feb 98 04:24:00 
From:         "Jeff Coons" <>
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Robert J. Carpenter wrote in message ...
>Karl Swartz wrote:
>> > I have noticed that many DC9s at USAirways seem to bear the NxxxVJ
>> > designation, whereas ValuJet's DC9s bear a different appellation (so
>> > don't appear to be ex-Valujet).  Any idea where the VJ designation on
>> > these came from?
>> Apparently it comes from Vista Jet, Allegheny's name for their DC-9s.
>> At least that's what a USAir DC-9 pilot told a friend of mine.
>Wasn't it from New York Air?

VJ is from VistaJet at Allegheny. New York Air had a variety
of registrations. Some airplanes, initially, used ---NY registrations,
others retained their original Texas International registrations.
The MD80's ordered all had NY registrations which CO
kept for quite a while until re-registering to make consistent
with their fleet numbering system.

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