Re: Southwest Airlines 737-700

Date:         11 Feb 98 04:23:58 
From:         "Peter Mchugh"<>
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Andrew Muir wrote:
>The word we got here at Boeing is this first airplane will be flying

Speaking of B-737-700...  I've heard that some carriers make it a
practice to disable the RTO safety features (auto brake, etc) on B-737
aircraft so equipped as a concession to training standardization...

Would any Bluecoater care to explain the pros and cons of such a
policy... and discuss these in light of considerations such as
uncertainty about take-off weight (carry-on baggage, etc.), reduced
power take-offs, higher gross weights, possibly higher V1, Vr and
Vlof, etc.

Should the flight deck be concerned about the suggestion that all
these factors seem to imply shorter runway remaining lengths than
those necessary for successful RTO???????