Re: Southwest Airlines 737-700

Date:         11 Feb 98 04:23:56 
From: (C. Marin Faure)
Organization: NorthWest Nexus Inc.
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In article <airliners.1998.258@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Chris Dahler <> wrote:
> On 24 Jan 1998 wrote:
> > Southwest started revenue service on 1/18/98 with their first 737-700
> > (N700GS). Does anyone know the routing or how the aircraft is
> > performing?

> ...  So far, the -700 is being used on
> short flights in and out of DAL (on Sunday, I flew it
> DAL-AMA-DAL-AUS-DAL-AMA-DAL), and on short flights out of PHX.  SW will
> continue this practice for a few months until all the bugs show up and
> are ironed out, and then the aircraft will be put into general service
> throughout the system.  So far, no complaints.

I was told today that as of right now, the dispatch reliability of
Southwest's 737-700s is 100 percent.  This won't last, of course, but it's
an impressive way to introduce a new plane.

C. Marin Faure
  author, Flying A Floatplane