Re: Commercial go-ahead for B744IGW

Date:         09 Jan 98 00:50:46 
From: (Terence Liow)
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On 05 Jan 98 23:41:33 , kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:
>The 747-400IGW, in contrast, doesn't involve much more than rummaging
>around in the parts bin and putting the parts together in a new way --
>it isn't much more than a 747-400F with the fuselage of a passenger
>-400.  As such, development cost is pretty low, so it's probably a
>viable program even without many orders.

I think it's the top of a -100 0r -200 (i.e., short top vs. stretched
upper deck) to save weight.

>I read that too, in the Wall St. Journal, I think.  Actually, I think it
>was everything except upgraded engines.  I'm not sure what the upgrades
>are, but they may be doable with an upgrade kit.  Even if not, delivering
>an aircraft with one version of an engine with the intention of changing
>them for improved versions after delivery is hardly unprecedented.  It
>didn't seem like a big deal to me when I read it, except I wondered just
>what the engine improvements entailed.

I don't think it's the engines but the landing gear.  Has to be beefed
up for some reason and isn't available yet.

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