Re: Development of MD-11?

Date:         03 Feb 98 19:53:03 
From:         trevfenn <>
Organization: Erol's Internet Services
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Karl Swartz wrote:
> True.  But relatively few carriers operate both passenger and cargo
> aircraft.  None of the 757F nor 767F operators fly passengers, for
> example, and I can't think of any 727F operators that do.  (There
> are a handful of 747F operators that fly passenger 747s, though.)

Ansett in Australia had a 727-200 which had been converted to freighter
configuration and was operated by the same crews who operated their
passenger 727's up until the retirement of these aircraft. The freighter
is still flying for Ansett but is now operated by an outside company on
a leasing arrangement.

Trevor Fenn