Re: Deicing

Date:         03 Feb 98 19:52:57 
From:         peter neville gurnell <>
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C. Marin Faure wrote:
> whether or not they de-ice new snow is dependent upon the temperature
> of the wing with its load of fuel.  If the wing is warmer than the air,
> which it often is, the snow will melt and then the water will freeze on
> the wing when the plane begins to move.  If the wing is the same
> temperature as the air, the snow will just lie there and will, indeed,
> blow off when the plane starts to move.  In these cases, they don't need
> to de-ice the plane.

At last a sensible response to this thread.  The operative word in the
de-icing literature is "Adhering" to the wing.  To see if the snow is
adhering to the wing you have got to try to sweep it off a little.  With
a trace amount falling on cold wings it will indeed blow off, even while
taxiing.  If it is not adhering, it will not be there for takeoff.