Re: B757/B767/B777 Stearing system?

Date:         03 Feb 98 19:52:48 
From: (Niels Sampath)
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In article <airliners.1998.238@ohare.Chicago.COM>
           kls@ohare.Chicago.COM "Karl Swartz" writes:
>>I don't think the prototype A340 has crashed yet... I guess its days
>>are numbered.

KLS>No A340s have crashed, though one was destroyed by fire while parked
>at CDG in Paris.  (The circumstances have always seemed somewhat murky.
>Does anyone know the details?)

If it wasn't arson (there was some AF industrial action going on)
then some fault in the APU? That caused a burn out of a Malay
A330, no? That, in turn, caused all the APUs (or parts thereof)
in all 330s/340s to be replaced.

>The first three A340s were all retained by Airbus, though it appears
>that only the first was a prototype.  I have no idea why they wouldn't
>have sold the other two.

I thought that 2 had been sold to BWIA, which then cancelled,
and they were then taken up by Virgin.

Speculation: There was a report in a recent Flight International
about Airbus building A340-based-Belugas.