Re: Southwest Airlines 737-700

Date:         26 Jan 98 01:46:23 
From:         "Brian Maddison" <>
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Karl Swartz wrote:
>The majority of Southwest's planes carry NxxxSW registrations, with a fair
>number of others wearing NxxxWN. The 737-7H4 registrations are a bit more
>random than the older 737s, for some reason

The reason being that the desired registration(s) are not available. For
example N700SW is a Citation belonging to SafeWay Insurance. Sometimes the
existing owner can be persuaded (bribed!) to relinquish the number, but I
imagine this can be expensive.

>-- besides three with N7xxGS, there are a fair number with N7xxSA
>(including N707SA, the very first 737-7H4). SA probably is for Southwest
>Airlines. I have no idea what GS might stand for,

Go Southwest ?

>but N711HK is probably for Herb Kelleher, and N757LV is probably from
>LUV, as in Dallas Love Field and also Southwest's stock symbol.

When USAir took over Piedmont they re-registered every single airframe, and
Continental also seems to engage in changing registrations more than other