Re: Development of MD-11?

Date:         26 Jan 98 01:46:18 
From: (Gerard Foley)
Organization: The Greater Columbus FreeNet
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Karl Swartz (kls@ohare.Chicago.COM) wrote:
[different engines in same plane]

> The simple answer is they don't.  FedEx has some 727s which have had the
> #1 and #3 engines replaced with JT8D-217C engines, similar to those on
> the MD-80 family, while retaining the original JT8D-17A in the center
> position.

> The problem is that you need to have spares and maintenance programs for
> each type of engine.  It's bad enough having different engine types on
> different planes.

Don't many operators use outside contractors for engine maintenance?  Is
this a reason that some carriers have such a variety of engines and engine
makers, even though others seem to be concerned about commonalty?