Re: Development of MD-11?

Date:         25 Jan 98 03:27:35 
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>Robert Nielsen wrote in message ...
>>With Boeing giving more attention to Douglas Products, has anyone
>>speculated about an MD-11 fitted with 777 wings and 3 777 engines?
>>Wouldn't this create quite a capable very long range airplane?
>The only reason the MD-11 is still available is because the 777 freighter is
>still in development.  Also, fitting 3 777 engines would actually be less
>efficient because they would weigh more and use more fuel. The higher cost
>of the engines and the huge cost of redesigning the tail engine cowling, and
>longer landing gear to provide clearance for the larger engines would make
>this to costly to produce.

This kinda makes me wanna ask a question, why do all the powerplants on an
aircraft have to be equal?  I mean, OK if there are 2 i can see them equal,
but how about on say a 747, 2 of them one type, and the other 2 another type
(thrust wise and all) and in the MD-11's case the wing mounted one type and
the tail mountd another type.