Re: Development of MD-11?

Date:         25 Jan 98 03:27:33 
From:         Marc Hookerman <>
Organization: Netcom
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In article <airliners.1998.141@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Matthew Lehde" <> wrote:
>Lastly, the 777 is by far the best and most advanced airliner in
>production incorporating customer requested improvements ...

The 777 series is a very good aircraft with great improvements, but when
it comes to customer liking, there have been more complaints, but that
is becuase of airlines cattle caring the planes.  UA has their 777's set
with a TIGHT seating arrangment.  Very uncomfortable.  The only airline
with good seating space is TWA still, but they are still catching up.
People say flying on a 777 is like having your knees placed in your