Re: Orders for Airliners in 1997

Date:         25 Jan 98 03:27:29 
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>>Don't forget Canadair, Embraer, ATR, etc., etc.

>Those are not included for sure.  I'm sure Boeing only included planes in
>the same categories as its own, which would be 100 seats +.  As I said,
>Other only accounted for a few sales last year, and there are only 10
>"other" orders outstanding.

Possibly Sirocco/Tupolev, which sold a handful of RB.211-535 powered
Tu-204s to someone in southeast Asia (Vietnam?).  I'm not sure if the
sale was last year, though.

Lockheed-Martin might be another possibility, if they happened to sell
any commercial versions of the C-130.  I think UPS was interested in
them but I don't recall any sale being completed.

There's also ROMBAC, the Romanian company which now owns the BAC-111
tooling.  I haven't heard anything from them in a while, though, and I
certainly didn't hear of any sales last year.  I'm not sure it's even a
going concern at this point.

>Canadair, Embraer, Saab, etc (aren't ATR's made by Embraer???)

ATRs were made by ATR, a joint venture between Aerospatiale (France) and
Alenia/Finmeccanica (Italy) which is now part of AI(R), which includes
ATR plus the regional transport products of British Aerospace.

Embraer is a Brazilian company, with no ties to ATR or AI(R) or any of
their parent companies.

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