Re: Deicing

Date:         25 Jan 98 03:27:22 
From:         "Ali Hammoud" <>
Organization: Sprint Canada Inc.
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Ken S <> a écrit dans l'article <airliners.1998.99@ohare.Chicago.COM>...
> I have seen aircraft deiced when the outside air temp was -10c
> and very light snow falling. Now I understand the Clean aircraft concept
> yet it seems to me that this snow (maybe enough to leave a trace after
> several hours) poses no threat to the aircraft. Yet because our ops
> specs call for a "clean airplane" we must de-ice.

I believe that a build-up of ice of less than a 1/10th of an inch on the
wings of a DC-9 is enough to reduce lift by 40% and increase drag by as
much as 30%...

Ali Hammoud
Commercial Pilot